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RSS FEEDTips for anyone going to county jail, prison,
federal prison or other jail facilities.
Our goal is to prevent you from making costly mistakes when arrested or incarcerated.

We will provide you with hundreds of extremely helpful tips and information.
Know what to do if you ever get pulled-over,
arrested in your house or in
any other situation.
There are two main subjects this e-book full of tips provides:
1. Tips on preventing situations from escalating when getting arrested.
2. Tips on how to behave inside jails, county jails or prisons, once you are arrested, especially if this is your first time.

You also learn everything you wanted to know about how it really is inside jails and prisons and the conditions

In which inmates live in.
I was arrested in 2003 on a Marijuana possession charge and fortunate enough to be bailed out within a few hours. I knew I was going to have to eventually do some time in county jail and my trial lasted almost a year.

During that time I had many fears and concerns about what really goes on in prisons and jails and what am I going to go through in there.

I turned to the internet for answers and to my big surprise there was not even one site which had all the information I am about to give you.

I wanted information from the inmates themselves and not from the cops, sheriffs and jailor websites.

I wanted to know how it really is in county jail or other jails and prisons.
How safe am I going to be in county jail?
What kind of food do they give you in prisons and jails?
What kind of living conditions do they have in jail?
What kind of gangs are there in prisons?
Are there gangs in county jail?

How are the sheriffs and the jailors? How should I behave? Should I act tough? Do I talk to people?
Who should I talk to and who should I avoid talking to in jail?
Will I be harassed because of my race or religion?
What can my family or loved ones do to help me while I'm serving my jail term?
I had so many fears and questions un-answered and couldn’t find them on the web.

I ended up having to do jail time and I went through hell in there. It was very tough and I wish I had the tips I am providing you today before all this happened to me.

While I was incarcerated in jail I worked very hard with other inmates to prepare this eBook full of information and tips on survival in jails and prisons.

After being released from jail I have worked hard to stay in touch with the inmates and started writing the jail tips book.

The Jail Tips book is to the point. It is full of information on how to behave in county jails, regular and federal prisons.

You will know everything you need to know about surviving prison and surviving jail.
We also did research on other subjects such as:
What to do and how to behave when getting pulled over for a DUI (driving under the influence)
or any other reasons. Basically, tips on how to behave in different situations when the
cops arrest you.

Also many tips of what to do before going to jail and the preparations before jail.

What you go through when processed in county jail.

Many tips for your family and loved ones. How they can help you make your stay in jail/prison more tolerable.
We tried to cover so many different subjects of arrests and doing time and to try tohelp you during these hard times.

Many of these tips might even save your life or at least keep you from making costly mistakes.
This site touches so many subjects starting from the moment you get arrested. Tips of how you should behave and what your loved ones could do immediately to help.

And all the way through serving jail time.

This site was written by guys who were there.

People who actually lived the jail life.

People who learned all the tips and tricks for surviving the jail system.
These tips can save your life !!!
It is very important for you to read the Jail Tips information book.

I hope you do the smart thing and educate yourselves.

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Please write me at:

Yours truly,

Founder of
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